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Switch to a connected cat with the best feline technology.

The Best of Technology for Cats and Their Owners!

We are here, alongside cat lovers, to guide you in the art of using technology to ensure the safety and well-being of your loyal four-legged companions.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you can not only guarantee the safety and comfort of your precious friends but also lighten some of the less appealing tasks of daily life (ah, the litter box).

Dive with us into the captivating world of feline technology. These advancements enhance the quality of life for your beloved cat while providing you, as a caring owner, the precious peace of mind you deserve.

Effortless Clean Litter

Imagine a world where you no longer have to clean your cat’s litter box… Well, that world exists! Thanks to self-cleaning litter boxes, you can spend more time cuddling your feline friend than worrying about their waste.

Modern self-cleaning litter boxes have revolutionised the lives of apartment cat owners by simplifying a once tedious task.

A Healthy Cat

Does your cat tend to cough? Is it asthmatic? The health of our felines is our priority (and we imagine it is for you too).

Learn how to take care of your feline companion to give them a healthy and happy life… and to start, here is an article on the Aerokat inhaler for cats.

A Well-Fed Feline

How to simplify your life while improving Tigrou’s well-being?

Water fountains and automatic kibble dispensers are your allies:

  • Fresh and filtered water
  • Regular meals (even when you’re not there)
  • Personalised dosage for each cat
  • Built-in camera to say hello to your feline friend

For us, these are essential accessories. We present the best models on the market in our comparisons.

Safe Exercise

Is your cat unable to leave your apartment? It’s important that they can exercise and scratch on a suitable playground. A cat exercise wheel can be a great solution to allow them to expend energy!

Are you often away? There’s nothing better than an interactive camera to monitor your cat.

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